Cambridge Consulting provides answers to the questions "What do we do next? How should we approach it? Who will do it, and when?" We will develop your strategic marketing plan and help you implement it through our marketing solutions, interim staffing, and strategic and implementation consulting areas of expertise.

In a crowded and competitive technology marketplace, you are challenged with setting up and operating an effective and efficient marketing machine — whether you're just getting started or are poised for market leadership.

For Clients, our Web-based evaluation tool — the Marketing Assessment and Resource Kit™ — will help you identify any gaps in your marketing program and people resources.

Based on our best-in-class Five-Stage Growth Segmentation Model, a trained evaluator can use the MARKit method to benchmark the company's marketing resources against other technology companies at the same growth stage.

For Consultants, our Web-based back-office tools can help you expand your practice by allowing you to concentrate more on client-facing activities and less on the administrative ones.

The MARKit method will let you quickly audit your clients' marketing capabilities and present not only an executive dashboard, but also a detailed analysis of the steps your clients should take to reduce costs for a more effective marketing organization.

The Cambridge Management System is a multi-faceted business and professional marketing management back-office system that will help you focus your energy on your clients and their solutions, instead of on the administration details of your practice — time and expense tracking, database management and database marketing implementation.

You're about to initiate a strong marketing push but are missing one or more key team members. We can expand your capabilities with our interim staffing service — in real time, seamlessly, without missing a beat.

Interim staffing engagements are comprehensive, temporary assignments that allow you to select exactly the right skill set for the job, for just the period of time you need. No long-term commitments and no hiring hassles. Cambridge Consulting will quickly deliver the right resources, often within 10 business days.

Small and midsized companies often find themselves adrift when it comes to marketing and business development. The management team knows the core business, but doesn't know where to start to create demand for its products or services.

Cambridge Consultants work as advisors to C-level management or the Board to focus on marketing, sales and product development. They work with senior sales, marketing and R&D management teams to build a comprehensive strategy and put a well-conceived plan in place. If needed, Cambridge can bring the resources to implement the plan in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

We have experience in mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate and business development in select industries. We believe these activities must be treated as a repeatable business processes and not as one-time events.

Cambridge Consultants can also leverage its network of subject matter experts to create third-party White Papers on a variety of marketing and business development-related topics.


Product Marketing

  • Product Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Research
  • Custom services

Competitive Intelligence

  • Competitive Matrices
  • Marketing Pricing
  • Channel Compensation
  • Partner Programs
  • Custom services

Competitive Analysis

  • Market Analysis
  • Product Profilers
  • White Papers
  • Attack Briefs
  • Beat-Sheets
  • Custom services

Product Management

  • Product strategy
  • Market requirements
  • Competitive analysis
  • Custom services

Program Management

  • Product lifecycle management
  • Project planning and management
  • Resource management
  • Custom services

Take a look at our Web site, and then let's talk about what we can do for you. Contact the Cambridge Consulting office nearest you or, if it's more convenient, you can introduce yourself by registering online. Either way, we'll give you a call by the next business day. Once we begin working together, it'll become even easier to communicate with each other through our online project management tools.