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As a Cambridge Consultant, you can strengthen your practice and shorten your project cycle time with Cambridge Consulting Web-based tools. They can help quantify the steps your clients should take to create a more effective marketing campaign, at a reduced cost. They can help you get a handle on your own business processes and work smart for higher profitability.

You know that, as companies evolve from the start-up stage to the mature market leadership stage, their marketing resources must also evolve. Unfortunately, many high-tech companies mistakenly believe that all they need to succeed is an innovative engineering organization and a strong sales force. These companies ultimately succumb to the competitive pressure to hire and increase marketing program dollars, but when they do, they often act without any clear plan or set of priorities.

That's where you and the MARKit method comes into play. The MARKit method streamlines the assessment process in three easy steps:

  • Step 1. Initiate a market readiness assessment using the MARKit method. Subjects of inquiry can include marketing human resources, marketing and sales collateral and related activities as well as product management plans and documents.

  • Step 2. Using the analysis output from the MARKit method, prepare a detailed report outlining any identified gaps and making appropriate and prioritized recommendations.

  • Step 3. Present the findings to the organization being evaluated.

The output from the MARKit method is based on a best-in-class Five-Stage Growth Segmentation Model developed by Cambridge. The Five-Stage model, its associated industry benchmark knowledge base and the MARKit method allows the MARKit solution to compare and contrast a client's marketing organization to those of other similar companies within the same  industry, and business growth stage.

The value of the MARKit method is in its ability to quickly assess a marketing organization and provide actionable information in a very short period of time. Cambridge was able to develop the software because of its primary research into the marketing practices of hundreds of companies.

By compiling the data from surveyed companies and applying the Five-Stage Growth Segmentation Model, the Cambridge knowledge base acts as a benchmarking tool that Consultants can use to inform and validate their recommendations, and win support for proposed projects.

CMS is a project and engagement management software that originates from the system Cambridge created to support its Client and Consultant project engagements.

It contains modules to track deliverables and progress, capture billable work, facilitate record-keeping, manage database marketing projects and organize contacts and leads.

Through CMS, Cambridge Consultants can focus most of their time on implementing their projects, instead of managing them.

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